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Indicator System

The importance of comprehensively, dynamically and accurately measuring the development and quality of financial inclusion is three-fold. It is the precondition of government’s support and regulation of the financial inclusion sector. It provides important reference information for inputting resource from all segments of society. And it acts as a powerful tool in measuring the social effectiveness of financial inclusion efforts. CAFI is dedicated to building a comprehensive and well-defined Chinese Financial Inclusion Indicator System, and timely publishing related data and reports.

In November 2017, CAFI conducted a survey on the “Digital Financial Inclusion Indicators and Monitoring System in Zhejiang Province”. Over 13,000 household questionnaires, 2,700 corporate questionnaires and 600 village/community questionnaires were received in the survey carried out in 14 counties/districts in Zhejiang Province simultaneously. After collation and analyses of the data, CAFI compiled the China Financial Inclusion Development Monitory Report (Zhejiang 2017) and came to the conclusion that “Zhejiang is at the vanguard of the development of digital financial inclusion worldwide”.

CAFI conducted a questionnaire survey in 2 boroughs and 1 county in the City of Lanzhou. The survey collected over 2700 questionnaires from individuals, households, MSMB’s, and villages/communities, based on which China Financial Inclusion Development Monitory Report (Lanzhou 2018) was compiled.